My “Geek Video” Debut

lifehacker-google-voice-for-iphone-and-ipod-touch-coming-soon-gv-mobileI just checked my Google Reader before going to sleep, and I was quite shocked to find the GV Mobile demo video I made at the top of Lifehacker, Gizmodo, 9to5Mac, and who knows where else!

So, if you found your way here due to the credit at the end of the video, welcome! If you are an iPhone developer (or are friends with one), and you’d like a similar video made, I’d love it if you’d contact me. I made the GV Mobile video as a favor. If you hire me, yours will look even better!


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Demo Video for GV Mobile iPhone App

Last week, I saw that the developer of GV Mobile was looking for someone to make a demo video before the app was availabel on the iTunes store. I was excited get my hands on the program, so I said I’d be happy to make the video for him. I wanted to experiment with shooting the screen of my iPhone in the “Apple/Google” style, so I did it that way.

I used no video lights at all for the filming ā€” only room and window light. I was quite impressed with what I could get with only a piece of colored paper, an iPhone, and a tripod as my materials. It was an experiment for me, so I really do appreciate any and all critiques on the video.

The reason there is some yellowness to the shadow is that I did mix lighting colors. If I were doing this as a paid project rather than an experiment, I would definitely have done a few things differently ā€” with lighting at the top of that list (first and foremost, actually using lights!).

Does anyone else have any comments on the video? I was thinking of offering to do these for other iPhone developers for pay, if this one serves Sean well. Iā€™d love to hear what the app-buying public thinks of this kind of video.