I provide a variety of services, you can find a list of most of the things I do below. ┬áPlease contact me if you’d like to see examples of my work or get a quote.

Video Production

Intro Videos for Websites

Video Interviews and Testimonials

Hosting and Producing Video Podcasts or Series

Educational and Tutorial Videos

Mobile and Web App Demo Videos (You can see numerous samples at www.appdemovideos/samples)

Filming Speakers and Attendees at Seminars, Conferences, or Other Events

Video Editing

Audio Production
Hosting and Producing Audio Podcasts or Clips

Audio Interviews

Audio Editing

Publishing/Managing Podcasts


Consulting, Trainings, and Workshops

I can teach you how to use audio, video, and other forms of new media to reach your target audience, increase visibility, and achieve your goals. Essentially, I do consulting on any of the above topics plus others related to social media. I am also able to consult with app developers about usability, interface, and ways to improve the design and functionality of mobile apps.

Selected Topics:

  • Getting Set Up With the Right Equipment (Audio and/or Video)
  • Software Training (Final Cut Pro 7/X, Adobe Audition, Garage Band)
  • How to Start a Podcast
  • Troubleshooting Podcast Problems
  • How to Use Video Appropriately on Your Website
  • Effective Ways to Produce Web Videos
  • Best Practices for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs and Other Social Media
  • Photography (Numerous topics, including Equipment and Technique)
  • Audio Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Uses of New Media
  • Mobile App and Usability and Interface Advice

Public Speaking
Selected Topics:

  • Audio Podcasting
  • Backpack Journalism
  • Photography (Choosing the Right Camera, Taking Better Pictures)
  • Audio Editing
  • Making Your Own Videos
  • Why Video and New Media are Important Ways to Reach Customers